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Settling in process 

Session One

The first settle is for half an hour, you will stay with your child and spend time with them playing with the other children.  You will also be introduced to your child’s key worker who will be your main point of contact and will communicate with you regarding your child’s day at the nursery and their general progression.

Session Two

The second settles is for forty five minutes, you bring your child in and stay with them for a short while and then leave them for a short while

Session Three

The third settle is for two hours, you bring your child in and leave them straight away (if you feel comfortable with this, if not you are always welcome to stay with them until they are happy playing or socialising with the other children).  We usually recommend that parents leave their child for longer on the third session as this is a gradual process and leaving your child for a bit longer each time will help them to become more familiar with the nursery surroundings,
staff and children and to know that you are coming back!     

Settling in sessions are a good time to talk to your child’s key worker about your child’s routine and to discuss any individual needs your child may have.